Virginity Is Not A Gift.

by on Apr 7, 2017 - 4 min read
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Read with an open mind. I saw Reno state a post that the best gift a woman can give her husband is her virginity, a lot of folks agreed with him, even ladies, and some dissented.This is a misconception..Is virginity the best gift a woman can offer her husband?No!I know we are zealous to promote the message of morality and sexual purity but many times we botch in the process. We attribute wrong reasons to right things. Just like asking me eat to make someone else happy. Eating is right, but to make someone else happy?Wrong reason..We should understand that virginity is merely a state of having one's hymen intact. A state of never had experienced penetration.This is basically what virginity entails..Virginity is not always sexual purity. Virginity is a physical attribute and honestly has no substantial contribution to the success of a relationship or even the success of a woman.Very possible to be a virgin and be a dullard..

The Bible talks about five foolish Virgins, and it wasn't inconsequential. That was a symbolic stand; that its possible to be a virgin and lack sense; value..Very possible to be a virgin and have a bad marriage..Very possible to be a virgin and not successful..A lot of women have been made to believe that their success, relevance, and marital bliss revolves around their virginity. This is balderdash. This is a moral lie.Reason why a lot of them end up frustrated. All they build in their lives and till marriage is just an intact hymen, but reality strikes them and they achingly realise that there's more to it than an intact hymen.In fact, it's wrong for a lady to keep her virginity because she wants her hubby to value her in marriage. Honestly, this is wrong and lame. Real marital value transcends a hymen that'll be broken on a wedding night.After that night, what else?I don't understand and will never negotiate to understand how virginity is a gift to the husband. Honestly. Let's stop compounding things in our knack to be a moral police.Keep your virginity because that's the right thing to do,Because God commanded marriage to be bed undefiled..It's not any gift to your husband.You are more than your hymen. I mean, why should a woman be measured by a hymen?How?Nah, this isn't me trying to talk down on virgins. If you know me so well, you'll trust my endorsement of chastity but we must get the reasons right.Be a valuable virgin.Virginity never made any relationship/marriage work..Your virginity cannot make you relevant in the world, it's between you and your spouse, so it's not the world's business or some requirement to be secularly celebrated.You'll be celebrated for value, for having sense, for being an inspiration..Your relationship will work because you have knowledge on how it works..

Read books, listen to marriage and relationship teachings..Don't be a moral fool.If all you offer is your virginity, you'll fail in marriage. In fact, virginity is not a woman's pride, her pride is content; value; character. What defines a woman should be something that never breaks. Long term virtue, not something she can lose while running..Yea, some ladies lose their hymen while running or doing some exercise.Don't just be a virgin; be sexually pure.There's a thin line between virginity and sexual purity. Possible to be one and not the other.I don't give an effing heck about a woman's virginity, honestly. Does she have sense? Character? Ambition? Vision? Does she have God? I really wonder for men who value their women on the basis of virginity and ladies who want to be valued on that premise..It's a superficial reason. Honestly. Finally.If you're a virgin, continue being one but cultivate sense, character and value..

Virginity is not a gift to your husband. If it's a gift at all, it's a gift to you. Solomon Buchi Bartholomew, Life Coach/Motivational Speaker.

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