Media Personality, Ariyike Akinbobola Shares Marriage Lessons On Her 10th Wedding Anniversary

by on Apr 12, 2017 - 3 min read
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Media personality, Ariyike Akinbobola celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary recently! She shared some valuable marriage lessons. 

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Counting down to our 10 years wedding anniversary and instead of writing a long epistle on that day, I'll just start by dropping some nuggets here before our big day. #1 Never look at marriage the way you see it on social media because everyone's marriage is different. I laugh so hard when I see those relationship goals hash tags because you don't know what kind of "anointing" you're tapping into. No matter how rosey/ thorny someone else's marriage looks, you can NEVER know their gist unless you're a party to that marriage so it's always better to face ya front and work on your own relationship/ marriage. #2. Your spouse may do something trivial to you and you might just make a mistake of telling the wrong person who will blow it out of proportion and make you see the issue in a non-issue so you need to be mindful of who you discuss your marriage with. The truth is that some of the People you call your friends (married/single) are not happy you are married. Don't ask me why because I still don't know why! Most divorces occur because 3rd and 4th parties have interfered into the marriage. (Please if it is DV, I'm in support of you RUNNING for your dear life). Once you understand the fact that even if you decide to live with your friends for the rest of your life, there will always be good and bad days. You will fight! Laugh! Play! Pray! Party and do all kinds of things together and you should also see marriage like that - You and your spouse are from 2 different backgrounds and you have decided to come together as 1 to co-exist, ofcourse you will argue, ofcourse you will laugh so yes there will be good days and definitely bad days. MARRIAGE IS NOT JUST ONE WAY, IT IS NOT ALWAYS A BED OF ROSES, NEITHER IS IT ALWAYS A BED OF THORNS. IT IS A COMBINATION OF DIFFERENT LAID OUT FLOWERS AND THORNS THAT ONE OR BOTH OF YOU CAN ALWAYS CHOOSE FROM. Tomorrow, we continue... #10yearsanniversarysooncome #Marriage #Marriage101#Hardwork #Godisinvolved #Akinbobolasat10 #Akinbobolas@10 #Littleme#Motherof3 #Relationshipgoals #Relationshipgoalsnawash#Weddinganniversary

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