Yemi & Femi Pre-wedding story

by on Apr 12, 2017 - 2 min read
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Media Credit: Lightbender Photography

For me, being a photographer with a difference amongst so many other photographers takes creativity and some serious out-of - the-box thinking. I first had this idea and brain thirst for a road side shot in the first week of this year but I knew it had to be something or a place that's never been used before, the challenge then was - where would this be. An uncle came into the country in December 2016 and i had to chauffeur for the 1 month stay of his in the country while he was resident somewhere after ikorodu, Lagos state, Nigeria. So this actually took me to that newly constructed road linking mile 12 and ikorodu and I was awed by the sight I beheld and from that day I could not get over the fantasy and urge to do a shoot on that road, particularly the BRT ports on that road. I started a a search online for the perfect model is use for the location, but somehow a part of me needed something more specific, like a couple or a romantic shoot, valentines day approached but I could not get a perfect couple. Then just by a twist if faith, I got a call friend I met last In 2011, and he requested I shot his wedding and that was it, I sold the pre wedding idea of road side shoot to them and they were super-excited. So we fixed an early Sunday morning for the shoot and that was it.

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