Why You Should Create Eye-Catching Blog Photos Using ColorBlocking & Contrasting Backgrounds Like Chidalu X Lola Omonaija X Uwani

by on Apr 19, 2017 - 2 min read
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Media Credit: Lolaomonaija via instagram Ubanii via instagram Chidalu via instagram

Eye-Catching Blog Photos Using Contrast Backgrounds to Colorblock

A few years ago, your blog would still attract attention without photos if your writing was of great quality! Today, in times of digital explosion, most blogging platforms like my new favorite blogging platform for everything African -Nircle makes it easy to share  photos! As blogging begins to get more popular, so are various cameras available... you dont need the most sophisticated photography skills to take attention-crabing photo

You don’t need a great camera or a lot of technical skill to take interesting, awe-inspiring photographs for your blog. You just need the right photography tips and boldness to colorbock.

Color Blocking

Color dynamics may seem complicated As a blogger, colors are now your best buddies. Don't shy away from using them to your advantage. Whenever you run out of inspirations, you can begin to look outside of your windom at nature, look at how flower colors contrasts, if looks nice on nature, it'll suit you too.

In Nigeria where our weather is mostly nice, you can play with the nexer-ending trend of color blocking to try out extreme color combinations and mix bright colors to create some eye catching looks.

From left to right in the photos above, you see Chidalu, Lola omonaija and Uwani posing infront of the camera to get captured in high color contrasts. The effect of this is boldness, and  grabs the attentions of their audience.     

Their picture story can help you also identify how colors can give impressions about you, and change the perception about your personal brand. While these three ladies have not colorbocked their outfits, you cant but notice the color contrasts in their background. You can also use this strategy too, to create more eye-catching photos.

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