#NigerianWedding - Farida & Wale's Renounces "I" As They Becomes "1"

by on Apr 30, 2017 - 1 min read
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Read Farida's beautiful message to her husband, on their nuputial. 

As 'WE' renounce the 'I', and 'WE' become a stronger 'US' because 'WE' have chosen;

To be different together 
To be better against all odds
To not conform to societal expectations 
To be eachother's peace 
To not exist in marriage but to thrive 
To make the best of our friendship... As 'WE' step into the future together come April 15th, 'WE' are gonna be amazing together. Cheers to forever my love #FN2017 #FN2017 #FN2017

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