Quest for love

by on Jun 19, 2017 - 1 min read
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Five miles from home I went

In pursuit of love

Pitifully you gazed at me

The price is a fortune, he said

Gimme love and I’ll pay! I begged

In return for gold and silver

Torture and Trauma he gave

Love is not destructive I said

A hundred miles further I went

In search of love

He offered me his heart of gold

In return for his love and opulence

I turned my back

Love is not one-sided I said

From ten thousand miles I reached you

Never in quest of love

Breathless we went

Heart rhythms rhymed

dreams alike, lifestyles match

This is love!!! I screamed

We defined our love

You refined my heart

Synchronously we love

Inseparable we are

Side by side we’ll be

Hello folks who desire love, this poem is written to encourage you not to settle for anything less than love, sometimes it takes longer, but it's worth the wait, when you find love, you'll know. Enjoy!

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