Facebook User Shocked After Seeing Long Laundry List of Items to Get before Marrying a Lady from a Rivers Community 3

by on Apr 14, 2017 - 1 min read
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Media Credit: Facebook – Victor Thompson Owhorji

“I no marry Again!, I said I will NOT marry again!!! In fact I will NOT even think about it…. This is Ubima Community in Ikwerre LGA Marriage List. I can’t say if it’s expensive or not but what caught my attention is Item No:16-One Big Family Foam with 4 pillows and all the things listed below the ‘Other Items include’ List! They would have told me and my friend to open a Provision store for them na instead of giving us this item.

My friend is thinking of opening a Provision store for them with a partnership agreement with Mouka Foam or he will cancel the marriage and go for another girl. Biko see what I am saw,” he wrote.

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