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I am not sure that I have enough to make this relationship all that you dreamed for your future but I have God at my back, Love in my Heart and Fierce Determination to be the best man for you. I will put in the work to be the best for you, to do the best I can for you. I hope that my love will suffice, My Love. -WOOING AISHA: Chapter 1, Episode 1 
I write to you with tremendous joy and eagerness because you please me very much. Even now, as I think of you, my heart races with all the jolts of love that strike at my chest constantly on account of my affection for you. I have no apologies or regrets for the way I feel because this is how I have always wanted to love.
I was speaking with a friend today and I said, “You see, love is best shared with someone who has the capacity to receive all that your offering…” I got an affirmation. This is true because I find that I enjoy sharing my love with you more than I have ever enjoyed being loved (Just after I started this letter, a member of the cabin crew passed by and stared straight at my computer and must have read the bold heading of my letter. When I noticed, I pulled the screen towards myself and spared her a smile. I think she liked what she saw:)) My Hope and Dreams, My Future Bride, My Aisha! You have a very perfect name. Sometimes I just mouth your name over and over again because of how smoothly it rolls off my tongue whenever I say it. I love loving you. It is the thing I look forward to the most. When I wake up everyday, you are my first thought and when I draw the covers over me and welcome sleep, I drift away dwelling on you, loving you, yearning for you…


To be continued…. _
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