Wooing Aisha

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-WOOING AISHA: Chapter 1, Episode 2
I have thought much about our recent fight, how I walked away and did not call you. The thought of living without you is very disturbing. I think of that prideful disposition which quite nearly deprived me of the greatest happiness of my life! I want to blot that memory out of existence forever. I shudder at the thought that I might have lost you! I also smile with delight at the fresh understanding of you that I have been blessed with since those very dark days away from you.
I am thankful for that hiatus, not because it was a good thing in  itself but because it gave me fresh eyes where you are concerned. I fell for you afresh and that burst of love is flooding me and becoming my every breath and heartbeat.
I am reminded of how I decided that I wanted to speak to you even though we were no longer together. When the phone rang, I listened to your voice and it sounded brittle, like glass, but it brought music to my heart and stirred warmth in my depths. I lay there wondering what I was going to do. You were hurt, upset and very disappointed at me for letting you go so easily. I was surprised that you could be so hard on me even though you risked losing me. Somehow, just like always, you saw the possibilities; you had faith that we were not over. Like the first day I met you, you gave me a way back into your heart and kept me there.

I feel tears stinging my eyes at the thought of your generosity. You have always been the one to make the move and save us from my frivolous giving up attitude. Thank you! You got angry at first, and then you gave me a way in. I remember that first night we met, how you found me out and gave me a chance to talk to you. The way I saw you then is the way I see you now: completely, totally out of my league. I am not sure I could even will myself to dare to think that I stood a chance with you! You sounded too so well-groomed, classy and outlandish that I was awestruck by the power of your person.

To be continued….

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