Gbenga & Uche's Love Story Leads To Beautiful Nupital #UG17

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"Gbenga and I met in church in 2015 ,it was his first time in that church, while I serve in the choir. The first time he saw me, I was smiling(well so he said) and that caught his heart 
He tried to get my attention over and over, but I always formed busy. Months later I was at the Redemption Camp with some friends only for me to bump into Gbenga again since I always avoided him in church. Fortunately for Gbenga,we both have a mutual friend who helped him with my BBM pin and phone number, but trust an Igbo girl to form for a Yoruba brother.
He kept sending messages on BBM but I never responded and whenever he called I never knew who was calling because I never saved his number.
April 19, 2016 which was on a Tuesday I saw on my friend's DP that it was his birthday but waited till Sunday in church to wish him a belated birthday then asked for my own cake... trust a Yoruba angel to overdo. Gbenga went to a cake store and bought all flavors of cake. He gave it to me the next Sunday in church only for me to find a perfume and a wristwatch in a bag " Abeg who's birthday was it who was getting the gifts"
I was so scared to taste the cake, just incase it was jazzed but my friends in the choir room devoured it in no time. But I saved one to show my mum who prayed and told me to eat it. Later in the week we met up for a date where he told me marriage was the goal. In my mind yimuuuuuu, the beautiful relationship started from there, both of us meeting each other's friends and family in no time."

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