Blood Part II I didn't need to turn around

by on May 3, 2017 - 2 min read
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Blood Part II


I didn't need to turn around to find out who had shoved me. It was Husna Abdulmalik, my worst nightmare. I knew her for as long as I remembered and she terrorized me at school, islamiyya, and everywhere she laid her eyes on me. We grew up together and went to the same school. We even sometimes had matching clothes. That irked me the most. Why was fashion for kids so unoriginal? Why did we end up wearing the same stuff? Whenever she saw me in the same outfit as hers, she'd say I looked awful in it. 
It didn't make sense to me, because she was wearing the same darned thing! Anyways, Husna and I usually bumped into each other on my go-to-islamiyya-late days. She wasn't really a fan of Islamic education, but she was good at it. She had finished the Quran, and was in school to learn the Quran in an in depth way. That's what she told everyone who would listen and they would commend her. 
I knew for sure she was only there to check out the boys and flirt with them. The whore. I ignored her and kept walking. She didn't like it when I talked back at her, and she didn't like it when I ignored her. 
Like my decision on whether to go to islamiyya late or early, both options did not sit well with me. She shoved me one more time and I told her to knock it off. She smirked and pushed me again. I walked faster and got to islamiyya. 
The islamiyya was big and surrounded with a lot of sand and rocks. The walls were unpainted and the doors and windows were big, black, and always closed. It had this eerie feel and I felt terror every time I got to the long, grimy gate that was surrounded by smelly gutters. I called it Guantanamo Bay. 
Surprisingly, the door of the gate was ajar. There was no one in sight. Could this be my lucky day? Would no one make me suffer for my lateness? As I slowly walked past the gate, someone growled from the side "Hey! Come here!"

To be Continued 

Story by @thatbavagal
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