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Blood Part IV As I stepped out of Guantanamo Bay, I made sure to give Husna enough space so I wouldn’t be able to hear her call me mean names. She was walking ahead of me, so I took my time. Then she stopped and turned around. With an evil smile on her face, she shared her new discovery with me. “Oh wait.
 I can just Snapchat your part about coming to school and the part where Mallam Sallau says it’s Thursday!” Anyone who had seen her smile would have thought she struck gold.
 Urgh. She was going to make my embarrassing experience public.
 I wanted to cringe and beg her not to, but that was what all bullies wanted. 
They needed to be begged. They needed power. So I said nothing. She could do whatever she wanted. I would let this, like the million others, go. Apparently, my silence sort of infuriated her. She called me stupid, ugly, dumb and all sorts of other names, but I kept walking. 
I popped in my headphones, regardless of the memory I had of what happened the last time I did that. The last time she called me names and I tuned her out with my music, she pelted rocks at me. One really hit me hard on the head and I bled out, but I of course pretended to be okay. 
I kept walking. Everyone has a bully, but unfortunately for me, mine followed me all through SS3. Surely, the bullying would stop. Everything has an end. I had applied to universities in random countries like Japan and Azerbaijan. There was no way Husna was going to Japan. She probably didn’t know where it was on the map. 
She would continue to bully kids in this neighborhood. Not my Tokyo. I got home and rushed straight to the kitchen. Mama was putting wraps of rice into a warmer. I love her, my Mama. She's the epitome of kindness. 
“Sannu Mama,” I greeted her. “Hi dear, how was school? Hope everything was alright?” “Fine, Mama,” I said. To my surprise, Husna walked in and shoved me. 
“Hey, be nice to your sister,” Mama said to her and continued putting the rice into the warmer.

To Be Continued 

-Story by @thatbavagal
Feature by @hausaa_fulanii

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