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The Sokoto Caliphate was by far the largest and most successful legacy of fulani power in Western Africa.It was the largest as well as the most well organized.The Sokoto Caliphate included several emirates,the largest which was Adamawa Emirate, Although the kano emirate was the most populated. Others included but are not limited to Gombe Emirate, Gwandu Emirate, Bauchi Emirate, Katsina Emirate, Zazzau Emirate, Hadejia Emirate and Muri Emirate.
Concept: Modern Fulani Inspired Princess Look
Model: @Ummyzabira
Calabash/Tiara: @Chicgallery22
MUA: @jhamieAnka
Photography: @Deenee_photography
Feature by @hausaa_fulanii

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