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Value you would think, absurd. It wasn’t something I was thinking of writing about, it came as an epiphany. It happened so...

I was seated creating an artwork, and wrote on the title…

Yes, maybe a bit absurd, but in the moment. The power of now speaks to the definition of value. The appreciation of the moment, minute, now. It seems simple in its self, something we all think we should know about.

I had a folder of music I was over. It wasn’t mine and I promised myself I’d put it out, delete. Anytime I put my music on shuffle, I would always get this genres or individual arrangements, “vibes” that weren’t mine, and cringe. Mood killers, those ones. But even then, I didn’t act on it. Found myself pressing next, every other next song. “Cause there should have been some other time I would arrange, to sort it.”

But who says?

Why not now?

We live for some good that we haven’t realized. Will you realize it? Truly, honest to self, think about it.

We are always in a constant change of feelings, because we are always in a comparison of time. It’s always, but he did, what’s to say she won’t? So how can you realize value, in separate time? The only way you have hope for the future is by living for now. Literally, valuing the present and letting bygones exist in the past. No matter how much vindication you carry, it will always rob you of the present. And if you see no need now, need won’t arise later. (Speaks to people, things, beliefs and gains or losses, really everything that has any form of impact in any way)

Even in a moment of emotion, it can’t be validated if not in comparison to what must be, for the other person (their feelings, thoughts, wants or needs). We are in a constant rotation of what ifs and what next’s. Not knowing, we think, because we can never really know. And that’s true. But irrespective of the other’s, we have ourselves at every given moment, knowing what we want, how we feel and what we think, every second. So why does it matter? “Their opinion” of everything you are conscious of, at every drop of time?

Value is subjective; it changes in form over periods. Cause, you get to explore an ever ending present. So you live a future constantly every other ‘tik’ of time. Only you can decide to value, be valued, not value, even undervalue. The premise of value is based on singles; an individual, at a given specific moment in time. Now, is the only way you will experience happiness, some sort of fulfillment. We weigh the presence of life by ignoring the value of death. It is a rule of life (death (in that, all forms of an end. Life, value of relations or aspirations to conquer the material) that pushes us since birth to value every measure of now, in every way, through every occurrence of love, pain, wealth, drought, fill, void, and our need to project all we know to be true through experience, but we ignore it.

VALUE is current, modest, and pure in intention, misunderstood and misconstrued.

And it is; you can’t value what you don’t or no longer have, both to come or that has, and passed. It can represent a life lived, or one that faded away through, till the end. It is really with you, in you, constantly and continuously, but you have the choice to choose.




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