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There can be no lyrics without rhythm. So sound comes before words and so it is with speech. You produce sound before you construct sentences. Sound can communicate levels of meaning to a feeling that no words can express. It is the same with life and humanity. There can be no human without life. Sound enables the synthesis of language from syllables to paragraphs of text in books. And so, life is what sound is to words. The basis and determinant of all possibility, for beings.

You can be going on with your daily life, getting caught up with the adversities presented. Dwelling in unthankfulness - even of everything other than badness. Wondering why, cursing existence and doubting 'the gods'.

And in a glimpse, loose it all to lack of saving faith. That all you have learnt is like a negative impression of a percentage (- 0.99999%), of what life's journey should seem.


The need to know and dysyfer what all we experience is meant to do or accomplish, drives desire to put together the puzzle of life within absurd measures of time. But that lack of that perspective is richer in possibility than all we have manufactured to suit us. So that explanations revolve around our need to have it all figured out. That some be more knowledgeable about what is and should be, so as to be proclaimed prophets, in a way. A concept to allow us comprehend life’s flow.

But that the rule of life is to live it and not test it. As others have come before you and realized... You cannot dupe life. Because of its superpower. And we are not immortal. So to think anything less than the fact that life always has a couple ups on you, is proof of our need to fight all that's designed to ensure fulfillment.

No need to compete. Because it's not here to suit your misconceptions of the stories it tells or the history it keeps. For those are just by-products of those ones' who have and still think of it as a challenge to be named Victor.

Life needs to be mastered. Like intuition heard and acted on in every moment it inquires. It can hold you captive or set you free, and all on basis of what you want to see. That everything is possible. And the range of it depends on the comprehension of possibility in itself. That life is some sort of passage towards. And you are the one who chooses the consequences that draft your destiny. You truly have all the power to influence things to the outcome that screams, happy or depressed. But mostly that the direction imbedded, the purpose imposed and seeking all that can be, is dependent on one thing. How much you read into you and the signs that lead on from each other. Because how well you learn from your iniquities and moments of strength, determines how fast you get to what is promised, if ever.

Know this, all the lessons dished out are scaled up from the intention of your individual life as it started, and whatever that is meant to mean to you. And that no one else will speak truth to that intention for you to follow. Because it was only intended for you to empower.


Always remember. .

We are 7-billion-and.

No one thing goes.

Create yours'.

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